If you or a family member is facing a possible conviction of a crime, you’ve probably heard of bail bonds. What can bail bonds really do for you? In this blog, we’ll discuss what bail bonds are and how they correspond with the court system. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you’re searching for 24 hour bail bonds in Southeast Michigan, Ironside Bail Bonds can help. We always have bail bondsmen ready to answer any questions you may have about the bail bonds process. No matter the time of day or night, Ironside Bail Bonds is proud to serve Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties. Call us now for advice and help!

Bail Bonds 101

If you’re arrested on the suspicion of crime, the police officer or officers who have arrested you will take you to a local jail for booking. During this process, the person will have a mug shot taken, fingerprinted, and asked if he or she wants to make a statement. After all of these processes have been completed, the person will be held in jail unless he or she is released on bail and the bail is paid. If the individual is released on bail, then he or she must pay it or find a family member or friend to pay the bail.

What is Bail?

Bail is a financial agreement that a bail bonding agency or bondsman will make on behalf of the individual who has been arrested. A bail bondsman will act for the defendant and arrange to have the suspect released from jail pending the trial. The arrangement usually involves a cash amount established by the court system. This amount can be paid with cash, collateral, or a bond. Depending on the court and the suspect’s severity of crime, 10 percent of the total bond amount or the entire bond will be required for the individual to be released. Again, this amount must be paid by the suspect or his or her family members or friends.

Once the suspect is released from jail, it’s now the responsibility of the bail bonding company to make sure that the suspect will be in court on the day of his or her trial date. If the suspect doesn’t appear, then a bounty hunter may be hired by the bail bondsman to track down the individual and make him or her face justice. If you’re wondering about bounty hunting, the United States is still one of the only countries that allows the practice.

Why Do I Need a Bail Bondsman?

If you don’t want to stay in jail until your trial date, which can mean that you’ll be there for months on end, it’s best to call a local bail bondsman to work to get your out of prison. If you do choose to contact a bail bonding company, you will be charged around 10 percent of the amount that is required to pay the bail. This amount is usually non-refundable, even if your case is expunged and thrown out.

Also, a bail bondsman will take out a security against a defendant to cover the bail bond cost. If the suspect doesn’t have enough assets, then the bondsman might take out more securities against any individuals who are willing to help, like family members or friends. If the suspect chooses to not appear in court on the appointed day of his or her trial, the bail bondsman has the right to sue the individual to cover costs associated with the bond and court. He or she may also claim any and all assets that were provided as collateral by the defendant. This can include money or bank accounts, vehicles, homes, jewelry, and other items of value.

Facing a possible criminal conviction and sentence can be scary, especially if you’ve never experienced a brush with the law. If you’re searching for a trusted 24 hour bail bonds service that serves the Detroit area, as well as surrounding counties, then you need to contact Ironside Bail Bonds. We always conduct our business with integrity and honesty, and we’ll do our best to help you. Our 24 hour bail bonds service can help you at any time of day or night. Call us now for more information!