Providing some of the fastest response times in Wixom, our team of bail agents has helped us to establish a reputation for superior bonding services and confidentiality. Customizing our service to your exact needs, we work quickly and efficiently in getting your loved one out of jail and back home as soon as possible.

Handling felony bail bonds aggressively and thoroughly, our team of bondsmen strives to reduce the anxiety and frustration that surrounds the arrest of any family member. When charged with a felony, it’s important that you let us handle the process of getting them released quickly.

Offering affordable, flexible repayment plans, we provide bonds for the following felony charges:

  • Aggravated assault and/or battery
  • Child abuse
  • Physical abuse of an adult
  • Robbery
  • Intent to distribute narcotics
  • Illegal possession of a weapon
  • Repeat DUI/OMVI
  • Arson

Felonies require the defendant to appear before a judge for bail to be set, however, after the amount has been determined, we can immediately start working on getting your loved one out of jail by posting bond.

Backed by experience, knowledge and vast resources, the Ironside Bail Bonds team is quickly becoming the premier bail bond company in Wixom. Find out why by calling us right now. We offer 24/7 emergency services for all bail requests.

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